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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Karimunjawa Holidays Tour

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Karimunjawa Trip


Karimunjawa was not really part of the plan on our trip to Java and Sumatra, but then we still have enough time to spent in Java before going back to Bali to fly back to Darwin. So we decided to try this group of little island North of Central Java. After searching on the internet for the ferry schedule going there, we found an information that the fast boat leaving to Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, is the next day! So we were excited and went there early in the morning, to catch up with the schedule. We and the taxi driver were  looking for the place where the ferry were docked, until after half an our and walk trough the ‘flooded’ harbour later we found out that the ferry is not operating due to engine problem. And the guy on the ferry told us that the big slow ferry is leaving in two hours from Jepara Harbour. Having no other choice, we asked the taxi driver to take us to Jepara as soon as he possibly could to catch the ferry, otherwise we would have to wait for another two days as the boat is not operating every day.
The trip with the slow ferry was about 6 hours but it was worth taking. Karimunjava was a kind of place that we want. Small vilage, no traffic, nice beach and pristine waters for snorkeling and good foods, mostly seafoods. In fact, it is designated for marine parks for its untouched and diverse corals and some uninhibited islands. An island hopping tour by chartering a boat is worth doing. It will cost about US $40 and you will have the boat captain and one crew for the whole day. If you are adventurous enough, they will ask you to join the fish hunting skin diving, and then we they will take us to one of the uninhabited island with some tree shades and grill the caught fish for lunch. You can’t get any fresher fish than that!
There was no ATM when we were there so get ready with some fresh cash in hand. Accommodation wise, you wont find any problem whether  you want a simple homestay with local houses, hotel rooms or fancy villa you will find it. Food wise, don’t expect western food unless maybe if you’re staying in the villa but dont worry, the seafood are fresh. Some restaurants notify that if you would like special seafood, order one day ahead.
 Here are some photos from the trip:

A man is sleeping on the PELNI ferry from Jepara to Karimunjava

Karimunjawa Sunset
Dive Sites of Karimun Java


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