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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Karimunjawa Indonesia Travel Tips

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Karimunjawa Indonesia

Karimunjawa is a newly discovered untouched virgin paradise, said to become the “next Bali” Boasting beautiful tropical reefs and enormous well preserved national park, this new tourist destination is an experience for both the experienced traveler and the newbie.
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There are a few ways to “tackle” Karimunjawa. Firstly getting there. By far the best way is by using the Kartini 1 express ferry that leaves from the Central Java capital Semarang.  This 3.5hr trip is quite fun aboard this modern vessel. Both the VIP and Business sections (there is no economy) are both air-conditioned. The vip section has nice big reclining seats and both sections have movies playing. Its great fun to get out the back of the boat and take in the sights of the massive ships passing by and the hundreds of small local fishing boats. The trip goes by quite fast and you arrive in time for lunch.
  Kartini ferry semarang to karimunjawa
The second option is the barge that leave the port of Jepara (about 1.5hr drive from Semarang). This ship is the main pipeline for the local people for getting their goods and vehicles to and from Karimunjawa. The economy section is open air and not really comfortable. The vip section though is air conditioned with nice reclining seats and tray table with movies playing. You can also go upstairs onto the deck and get a sun tan and take in the view. The price is also super cheap but the time it takes to get there does cut into your holiday.
Once on Karimun you have stepped back in time when there were no taxies. Unless you have pre arranged a pick up (almost impossible unless you book via a resort) you will have to negotiate with one of the local pedicab driver to take you to your destination. The few cars that are there will take you but the price is very steep.
  Nirwana Laut Hotel Resort Karimunjawa Indonesia
Choices of accommodation range from $7 to $150. Most locals enjoy the home stay option which offers a small room, perhaps a bed that’s not on the floor and sometimes a fan. You will have to fend for your own meals which there really isn’t much choice. One of the more popular hotels is the Melati Hotel a.ka. Karimunjawa Inn or the Escape Beach Hotel for about $35 a night with breakfast. These hotels like all the others don’t have a beach though. The only place that is close to the ports and owns its two totally private beaches (said and proven to be the best on Karimunjawa) is the Nirwana Laut Resort. This hotel is quite new and you could say “still finding its feet”, but the rooms are immaculate and all overlook a private beach. Then there is the massive deck and lobby areas with plenty of room to always be private and curl up with a book. The private Nirwana Beach is clean and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. There is 2 private gazebos on the beach and the staff are happy to bring cushions and towels down for you and prepare an ice box for your refreshments.  Breakfast is available and its common for guests to bring their own food or book food in advance and cook themselves in the Hugh well equipped kitchen that any celebrity chef would love to have. For group tours full catering is available. Their website is and they are very helpful to arrange anything for you. Another exciting luxury possibility scheduled to open in 2010-2011 will be the new Mental Hideaway Resort (, located south of the main island, with around 20 rooms to accommodate larger groups and business events.
Nirwana Private Beach Karimunjawa 
Now your on Karimunjawa and looking for something to do : Well its very different to Bali and other tourist destinations. Here is still very new to the foreign tourist game (for now!) While diving with equipment and guides can be arranged by the hotels, the snorkeling is just some of the best to be seen. Its like sticking your head into a tropical aquarium. The waters are warm and very safe even for the kiddies to try out some snorkeling when they are not building sandcastles.  A glass bottom boat trip is available and as the coral reefs are only 20 meters from the shore, you can spend hours taking it all in. Across from the harbor there is the shark pools where you are welcome to swim with the half a dozen black reef sharks. For the fishing enthusiast you will not be disappointed ! Rent a local fishing boat for the day for around $40 which includes fuel and explore the many close by islands or tie up on a reef and be ready to pull in some good size fish !
Karimunjawa is fast becoming very well known for is unbelievable diving on pristine reefs and some of the many ship wreaks accessible to both novice and experienced divers.
Wreak diving Karimunjawa Indonesia 
Karimunjawa is likely to soon become the new Green Eco Tourism hot spot and Unfortunately today it is lacking some equipment such as mountain bikes, but the hiking is superb with wonderful views of the surrounding islands. There are many natural springs on the island well worth exploring also. There are plenty of small motor bikes for hire also explore the island.
If your into relaxing on a private tropical island and wanting to try something new before its spoilt, then Karimunjawa is surly recommend trying  !

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