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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Karimunjawa is Beautiful Islands

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Karimunjawa is Beautiful Islands

Karimunjawa is and island chain stretching in a northwesternly direction 83 km from Jepara. Central Java. This archipelago is a cluster of 27 island in the java sea. The reefs are a mixture of fringing, barrier, and patch with bottom depths ranging from 15 to 40 meters. 
Five of these islands are domestically inhabited and together with 22 others from the four major zones; Zone I is the core sanctuary area and is out of bounds to all, Zone 2 is the wilderness area open to limited tourism, Zone 3 is the utilization area, Zone 4 is the buffer zone.
For visitor to the Park, expect a very pleasant welcome by the information staff, and an exciting range of flora and fauna to discover both above and below the water.The reefs harboring 35 types of hard corals, sponges, gorgonian, soft and red corals and an amazing 240 plus variety of fish.
A special bonus for the interpid is wreck diving at the island of Batu Kunci, Karang Kapal, Karang Ketel, and Batulawang. Best time for weather is April to November with the rainy season peaking between December and February.
Up to this date Karimunjawa has 12 dive sites. Most of the diving is done on the fringing reefs around the islands, as well as submerged reefs, and shipwrecks. The sites are all to the west of the main island

for me, it's also a heaven. anywhere in the islands, if the sky is clear ... can be seen beautiful sunset. also from my back window in the floating cabin [made from fishing platform]. serene and charm.

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entitled as national marine park, karimunjawa archipelago stands from 27 small-tiny-mini-but beautiful islands.
so, every single day you can visit one or two of the islands, depend to your interest. from fishing, snorkelling, diving or just swimming.
mostly of them have white sandy beaches but difficulties in anchoring [refer to the only transportation is a boat] will vary. but even your boat can not reach the island properly, you still can visit the island by swimming in the shallow water and let the boat anchoring offshore.

here i included the time schedule and subject maybe change without notification. check it out in advance before your departure:
- jepara – karimun jawa: monday and wednesday [kmp], 09.00 am
- karimun jawa – semarang: sunday [kmc], 02.00 pm
- karimun jawa – jepara: thursday [kmp], 09.00 am
- semarang – karimun jawa: monday and saturday [kmc] 09.00 am

* marks:
- kmc >> kapal motor cepat [named kartini, appr. 3 hours sailing]
a. idr 95,000/VIP/person/one way
b idr 75,000/business/person/one way
- kmp >> kapal motor perintis [named muria, appr. 5 hours sailing]
a. idr 25,000/VIP/person/one way
b. idr 16,500/deck/person/one way

getting there and away, there are 2 entry points: from semarang [tanjung mas harbour] or jepara [pantai kartini harbour].
* semarang using kapal cepat -- exclusively type of boat provided by pt pal indonesia and takes approximately 3 hours drive from tanjung mas.
* jepara using kapal perintis -- or ferry and slower compared to the exclusive ones from departures semarang. it takes 5 hours drive from pantai kartini. 

this kind of vehicle is already extinct in jakarta, so we were so excited.
the vehicle is kind of tricycle, environment friendly (no fuel is used) and one becak can take 2 passeger.
try this vehicle to help the local,you can go around the island by renting a motorbike. usually you don't have to drive the bike, just as passenger. this way called ojek 

you can rent boat from the local for exploring the islands.
we rent a boat for visiting other islands such as pulau menjangan besar, pulau menjangan kecil, pulau cemara, etc.
the other small islands are mostly inhabitant with rich coral reef and white sands. the local can show you which island is the good one and which one can be visited according to weather. 

if you take your car, or you want a cheaper way to get to the islands, you can take this big ship. it takes 7 hours from tanjung emas port in semarang to karimunjawa. 
the fastest way to get to the islands from tanjung emas port, semarang is by taking this boat. it takes 3-3.5 hours depends on the condition of the ocean.
it was rp 105.000 for one way trip

after your arrival at karimunjawa main harbour [and the only one :)] you can go to your destination islands or guest houses and hotel. take a becak [tricycle cart] who will bring you to the destination in the same island or to the next small harbour before sailing away to further islands. 

"so don't cry ... don't take it harder than it has to be ... and the frisbee will never cross ... " [pierre cosso - sophie marceau in their duet on film la boum 2].

yup, after swimming, snorkelling, diving, fishing or boating and sunbathing, playing frisbee is a sport activity can be done on the beach. as we bring a bluey frisbee to accompany after lunch or swimming and snorkelling.

frisbee and your extra energy, since sea winds sometimes blowing the frisbee further away from the beach. so we have to run and swim to catch it!!! 

fishing at karimunjawa seems so nice. for those who is very serious can rent a boat and going all night long to catch the fish. but another trick also can be used, reference by the locals. as appears here, nick and i learn about "simple" fishing from adik. a kid who live nearby on a fishing platform. just use a fishhook and worm or tiny shrimp and standing on the pier in front of our cabin. then hooopppp!!!! he got a squid. and again and again.

i saw several place sell this kind keris, sword, etc made of timber. probably it's something speciality of local craft. 

backpack and daily pack with dry bag to covers all your electronic equipments from salt water [example: camera]

flip flop, light trousers and tee-shirt, swimsuit and sarung and safari hat.

toilet papers is necessary. jodium tincture for preventive act if got bitten by the spiky ones :) also plastic bag to keep the island clean and unspoilt. do not thrown your mineral water but put it into the plastic bag and bring it home.

always recharges your battery properly and full >> since every single minute you have a chance to take beautiful scenery.

flip flop, swimsuit, diving gear, snorkel/mask and fins

~ and additional info, electricity will switched off on 10 pm, so, choose guest houses with private generator >> more easily to recharges those batteries.
~ refer to its place to stay, mosquito repellent indeed necessary
~ don't forget to bring your own mineral bottle since the islands mostly empty, minus fresh water
~ average temperature: 23 - 33 degrees Celcius

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