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Thursday, May 23, 2013

MarineTourism Development in Karimunjawa Nasional Park

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Karimunjawa National Park can be a chiefsupport become an object and power for attractive tourism, especially marine tourism or eco-tourism. Because of that, need arrangement and improvement of the tourism through the good side so can optimalize the utilization of natural potency without ignoring the natural sustainable and environment power syncronize with physichal area characteristic or sosio-cultural of the society. To support the improvement of marine tourism, need research with purpose to arrange improvement plan of Karimunjawa Natural Park, especially to improve the human resources skill become chiefsupport as component which hold important role for the progress of marine tourism. 
This research used participatif approach with PRA method (Participatif Rural Appraisal). And arrange KIE (Communication, Information, and Education) planning with interview used questionare and FGD (Focus Disscusion Group). The result of the research were find 5 main ecosystem in Karimunjawa Islands i.e. coral reef ecosystem, sea grass and sea weed, mangrove, beach forest, and plain tropical rain forest. Karimunjawa islands also offer richness of etchnic groups with unique cultural life and there are resting place of Sunan who teached Islam in this island for the first time, that can be tourism destination. Tourism activities that often done in this islands are swimming, diving, snorkling, fishing, camping, tracking, and sun bathing. 
Some groups that do commercial activities in tourism and other kind of commercial activities has been formed. The groups were homestay owner, boat rental, seaweed cultivator, mete seller (also done activities such as gathering and pelting) and handycraft maker. KIE planning target is boat rental group with arrange meeting to all the members of this group to accelarate communication between of them, making a work relation with homestay owner group, tour agent, and National Park management so can exchange information about the guest arrival and the total of guest that come to Karimunjawa. Also train the members of this group become guide. 
Completed the facilities of tourism and the information centre become urgent in the purpose to satisfied the guest. Zone improvement planning are sanctuary zone, buffer zone, tourism zone, traditional housing zone, and wilderness zone. To prevent the natural sustainable need law upright that involves all component i.e. people of Karimunjawa, Cops, Natural Park management, Fisheries Dept., and Indonesian National Soldier (TN!). Because of that, there's must be make an intens exertion to socialize about the rules in Karimunjawa National Park and the punishment for everyone who break the rules.
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